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Crime scene cleaning professionals


We are committed to providing personalized and professional crime scene cleaning, biohazard remediation, and odor elimination solutions that exceed your expectations.

Alpha Cleanup service is known for its excellent service with a very minimum service charge. We are one of the top choices of Baltimore and what else can be a proud moment than this? We have been running this service for more than ten years and we still thrive to serve you for many more years to go in the future. We are always committed to our clients as a very caring and professional cleanup company in Baltimore.

We provide our service to everyone who needs it. We don’t discriminate nor do we judge based on their story or situations. Our only motive for serving them is to provide them with the service they require in their worst condition. From crime scene cleaning to pet odor elimination, we give service and care about them so they can get their clean and healthy space back and enjoy their time. Whether you need service for Crime Scene Cleaning, Hoarding Services, Medical Waste Disposal, Odor Eliminator, or Pet Odor Eliminator, we are there for you.

Our History: We are all in this together

As we were growing, we understood what it takes for our clients to deal with a situation like that and we also realized the meaning of empathy and responsibility that should be provided to our clients knowing what is important to them. Our company was made with so much love in our hearts, we treat our co-workers like our family. We understand very well the situations like Crime scenes, biomedical waste disposal, and other events where clients are helpless and stressed and we are very much inclined towards helping them with the required services and at a budget-friendly price.

In the past ten years, we have helped many families, businesses, and agencies. We are looking forward to knowing and helping many more families, homeowners, and businesses in the future.

Our Approach toward you

Our Approach toward our clients and employees has always been more bent toward professionalism, compassion, efficiency, and thoroughness.

We aim to provide very fast responses to our clients dealing with very disturbing situations. We respect their space and what they are going through in those situations which is why we make every effort to make them comfortable, heard, and safe. We have a very compassionate and empathetic approach to dealing with and communicating without clients.

You can have faith in our professionalism during our service and be sure of our working environment where all we provide is empathy and concern towards your needs and requirements.

Our Mission, Vision, and Goal

Our mission while starting this business and till now is to provide personalized and professional crime scene cleaning, biohazard remediation, and odor elimination solutions that exceed our client’s expectations.

Our Vision and goal is to be the trusted and wanted leader in the crime scene cleanup industry in the Baltimore area, providing compassionate, efficient, and quality services to our clients during their difficult times.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and discover why we are the best choice for your crime scene cleaning, biohazard remediation, and odor elimination needs in Baltimore.

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