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Effective Pet Odor Eliminator Services: Reclaim a Fresh and Clean

Pet Odor Eliminator is the process of removing the unpleasant smell from the pets in your house or some other spaces caused by some accidents, urine or staying at one place marking their territory. You buy or adopt pets with so much love in your heart and you treat them like your own child. But what if the same pets start causing you problems in your space? What if you smell the unpleasant and ugly odor from them causing the place unhygienic and stressful?

We offer professional pet odor removal services in Baltimore. Our professional team are well versed in removing pet urine odors and removing ugly smells, we provide you with the quality service that you need for you and your pet to make sure that you and your loved pets are getting enough time to spend in your own fresh space.

Who Can Benefit from Our Services?

As we often say, we provide service to those who need it and searching for it. Our service has no criteria on anything if you are looking for it in Baltimore. If you are facing a problem where your pet is giving a bad odor, resulting in a very bad environment. We provide our service to every pet owner who is dealing with the same problems. We also provide our service to pet-friendly businesses and other rental properties. We also provide other services like Crime Scene CleanupHoarding ServicesMedical Waste DisposalOdor Eliminator, etc.

Contact us if you want to take a benefit from our service.

Professional Odor Removal Service in Baltimore

Alpha Cleanup Service in Baltimore provides the best service to our clients. Our pet odor removal services are designed to eliminate pet odors effectively and efficiently in your home or business. Odor removal can be very challenging work that requires professional cleaning services. We, Alpha Crime Scene are here to help you to remove different types of urine odor strains from your house. We have professionals who are certified and have experience in removing odor strains permanently for many years. Our professional analysis of the core area first determines where it is most affected by the smell and then after they apply liquid solutions which are well designed and warm you and your pets while applying. There are various solutions present in the market, but we offer you the best product and best service because we have highly educated professionals and have great experience in removal work. Our professional applies liquids and uses a specialized vacuum and steam machine to get rid of urines and remaining odor from carpets, floors, and furniture. Contact us for professional cleaning services in Baltimore today to get rid of any odor from your home or office.

Love your pets but troubled by urine odor?

If that is the case, then we are now here to help you deal with it. Alpha Crime Scene Cleanup service inspects the area, which is affected by urine, odor and then we use an advanced form of clean technology that removes subbed strains from carpets, floors, and furniture. We apply eco-friendly chemical solutions that break out the urine and neutralize the odor. We clean pets with the best solutions and formulas to eliminate deep odors and stains. Our product is designed to be safe for you and your pets so, no need to work about any possible health risks. Our specialist applies liquids and uses a specialized vacuum and steam machine to take out all urine and remaining odor from carpets, floors, and furniture. Alpha Crime Scene Cleanup service comes equipped with the necessary tools and products to get the work done carefully. We ensure that you and your pets remain confident in our cleaning method and provide you with a healthy environment.

When to know if you need Professional Pet Odor Eliminator Services?

If you have a pet in your home and it is giving some bad odor, smelling like an ugly and unpleasant thing which may be the result of allergies, hormone imbalance, fungus or other inflammation. If your dog’s odor and discomfort are increasing and it’s scratching and licking then it is time when you should seek a professional pet odor eliminator service because that can cause some serious infection. Some of the other points on when you should seek the service are as follows:

  • If you are wanting to treat your pet with DIYs home remedies and it’s not working.
  • If your pets are generating lingering odors
  • If your pet starts scratching and licking
  • If you feel irritated and angry in your space with your pets.

How is the Service Delivered?

We are oriented towards providing the best quality to our clients all over Baltimore. We need our clients as much as they need us. We are very conscious about providing them with all the things they want or need. From professionalism to a sense of empathy and concern, we are always there for our clients. Here are some points on how we deliver our service.

  • Identifying the cause: We start our service by identifying the problems and what is causing the problem by consulting everything with the pet owners. We also let the owner decide the way of treatments they want for their pets.
  • Preparing: Before starting to clean the pet’s urine or any other cause, we prepare the overall surface where we are going to perform our services. Some pets can be really hard to deal with which is why we like to prepare first hand before starting the service.
  • Neutralizing of the odor: To remove the odor of pet urine, we use odor neutralizers that are specifically made for the purpose.
  • Cleaning and restoring: Our next step is to rinse the pet with the product needed and deep cleanse it with the necessary formula and techniques.
  • Purifying the air: We spray all the space with air fresheners so that the space can be fresh and without any odor which can help our clients to cover the smell if they are busy.
  • Monitoring: After all the treatments, we undergo our monitoring process so that we can see if the pet still odors after its pee or not. We inspect the overall place and provide safe methods.

Why do you need Professionals for Pet Odor Eliminator Services?

You need to have professionals for your pet odor elimination because no matter how much you know your pet, if they are dealing with discomfort, it’s possible that you may get infected or you may be in danger as well. Professionals are always a great idea when it comes to handling the pet when they are not at their best. Some of the reasons why you should hire professionals for eliminating the odor of your pets are as follows:

  • Professional care: You will get one of the best services ever with our experts who are very professional in what they do. The work with all the services you need without any interference in your personal life is a great thing to have.
  • Satisfaction: When it comes to your pets which are like your family members, you won’t want to roam here and there searching for precautions or remedies and end up with nothing. Professional pet order eliminators have all the skills and ideas that it takes to remove the odor of pets. You can rest with a sense of satisfaction.
  • Restore: Cleaners or eliminators who are skilled and professionals in their work with all the techniques and knowledge can restore your place to how it was or even better. It is always nice to have a fresh place to stay with your beloved pets.
  • Risks and Threats: When you hire a professional to remove the odor of your pets, you don’t need to worry about the risks and threats it brings to your life. Experts are well-versed in handling this kind of situation and can take care of everything with ease.


It is really difficult to let go of your pets which you brought with all the love you have in your heart just because they are dealing with some problems. If your pets are generating ugly odors or unpleasant smells, worry not. We are here to help you with restoring your place and your pets to where and how they were. We provide our excellent service to our clients at very affordable prices so, don’t delay and book your appointment now.

Alpha Crime Scene Cleanup Service is a
trusted and reliable company that gives the best solution to pet odor
elimination. We have professionals who can work with you in removing or
eliminating pet odors permanently. It may be hard and tiring to know that the
pet is giving some odor and still not being able to do anything about it. We
give our service stepwise and with proper precautions. If you are wondering how
our service to pet odor eliminator works, here are some of the points:
We start by identifying the source of odor or what is letting the pet give such
After identification, we clean the pets with the best solutions and formulas to
eliminate the deep odors and stains. We then dry the pet and clean the surfaces
and place them as well using neutralizers and other eliminators. After the
processes, we inspect the pets if it’s still giving the odor through the urine
or any other way.