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Hoarding cleaning services

Hoarding Cleaning Services in Baltimore: Restoring Order and Spaces

The simple way to define hoarding is “when you have so many things in a space where you live which are not manageable and are close to impossible to throw away because of the sentiments and some other issues.” You might want to let them be because you still want to keep them, but they can be the reason causing you stress. If you have a hoarding disorder that is hurting your life, we are here for you. We are a trusted company in Baltimore for Hoarding cleaning services, and we provide professional care and assistance to our clients who are dealing with this problem.

Alpha Crime Scene Clean Up specializes in Hoarder Clean Up. We provide you with a very professional service of cleaning and sanitizing your house at an affordable and budget-friendly price. Cleaning the hoarded house takes much more than just dusting and organizing your place. Our professionals are very skilled and have years of experience in this field and are capable to deal with any risk or challenges that it can bring through if you are wondering to deal with this problem by yourself then it’s going to be a really hard situation for you. If you are living in a hoarded house, then it’s already very much difficult for you and your mental peace to be living with that situation, so why worry or stress yourself even more when you can just simply get a head from us with a very budget friendly price?

Who can take benefit from our Services?

The hoarding cleaning and other services that we provide for our clients are dedicated to the ones who need them. If you are experiencing a Hoarding problem or disorder and searching for ways to overcome it or get your space back by eliminating those unwanted items that are affecting you and your environment, you can take benefits from us at a very affordable price. We provide services to Homeowners, Businesses, Families, and other agencies or firms in Baltimore. So, if you are looking for a service to clean and organize your space by dealing with the hoarding problem, we are the best choice for you. We also provide other services like Crime Scene Cleanup, Medical Waste Disposal, Odor Eliminator, and Pet Odor Eliminator, etc.

When to Seek Hoarding Cleaning Services?

When you are in a hoarding situation or you are suffering from a hoarding disorder, you don’t know what steps to take at that moment due to various reasons and discomfort. But, to seek the help of professionals in this situation is important. You need to hire professionals to Clean the hoarding environment when:

  • you have enough room or space for you and still you live as an isolated prisoner in your house in small part,
  • You feel embarrassed to invite your friends over due to the mess and clutter.
  • You feel stressed and irritated about little things resulting in Physical problems, mental illness, emotional pain, Social and financial problems and more.

So, if you are experiencing any of these, it’s your sign to hire professionals. Remember us if you need one as we provide the best service in Baltimore.

How are the Service Delivered?

At Alpha Crime Scene Cleanup, our hoarding cleaning services are delivered with care, sensitivity, and attention to detail. Here is our approach:

  • Making a Plan: Before any cleaning and after the offer, we first make a plan on how and why we should be working on a specific area. We establish a plan in such a way that there won’t be any back and forth of information or service after starting the process.
  • Removal of Clutter: After making a solid plan, we then start to declutter the place. The process can be emotional for our clients to let go of the things that they have been hoarding for a long time so we are careful and with consent, remove the unwanted, and keep the important ones.
  • Organizing and placing: After removing of clutters, it is important to organize and sort the things that are in the hoarding condition. We place the things according to their value, we keep, discard, donate, and sell them while arranging the place.
  • Disposal of things: After organizing and placing the things in their place, it’s time to dispose of the things or items that are no longer necessary. We dispose of them by donating them to the local charity, selling them online, or throwing them concerning the local laws and regulations.
  • Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Restoring: After the completion of the decluttering process, we start our cleaning, sanitizing, and reorganizing process by dusting, vacuuming, and thoroughly cleaning each corner to remove dirt that has accumulated with time. We also make sure the place is restored to what it should be by efficiently keeping each item.

Why Choose Professional Hoarding Cleaning Services?

  • Experience and planning: Hoarding cleaning is not as simple as dusting and organizing. It is more than that which requires experience and proper planning to deal with the various hazards and problems it may bring. Our trained professionals are experienced and trustworthy to deal with your problems.

  • Professional Helping Hand: We all know that two minds are always better than one, and if one of the minds is professional and expert itself, what can you ask more? It’s always important to hire a professional from the start to get help dealing with clutter removal.
  • Compassion and care: When you have a hoarded home, you can’t share the situation with anyone, and you are embarrassed to bring anyone over. Dealing with hoarding cleaning requires patience and work without judgment. Hiring professionals who can understand what you are going through and treat you with care and compassion can be a life-changing decision of yours.
  • Efficient and reliable: To get away with the hoarding situation, you need to have a very systematic solution which requires a thorough process with different techniques and steps. Our professionals provide efficient and reliable solutions to your problems.
  • Disposal of waste: You can be stressed to pack your unwanted things and dispose of them on your own. With professionals, it’s way easier as they take care of it safely and with all laws and regulations.
  • Safety and Hygiene: If you have excess hoarding conditions or problems at your place, that is not just causing you mental suffering but also the risk to physical safety and hygiene. The large volume of hoards can cause a fire at your place. The cache environment can cause infection and other issues which are directly proportional to hygiene.
  • Peace and Privacy: Privacy is the thing that is meant to be kept private and secure. Our professionals understand your situation and concern that’s why they make sure that your privacy is not disturbed or leaked out.

Learn about our Steps for Cleaning Hoarded Spaces

Alpha Crime Scene Clean Up also offers hoarder clean up services service with our professionals who are experts in cleaning the hoarded house. We have different strategies to learn out extremely cluttered spaces. Our trained expert follows the step-by-step procedure to clean and arrange the hoarded house that is consuming all the space and making you feel ashamed of it. 

The stepwise process for cleaning the hoarded house or spaces is as follows:
• Making a proper plan to deal with the hoarded house,
• Removing the clutter with the owner’s consent after planning
• Organizing and placing the things like keeping what is needed and letting go of what is not.
• Disposing of unwanted items.
• cleaning, restoring, and sanitizing by dusting, and thoroughly vacuuming each corner of the place to remove dust that was accumulated with time.

We assure you that we are the service giving company which is the top choice of people living in Baltimore. Restoring the hoarding spaces can be tricky and difficult, which requires a stepwise process with its own techniques and skills, we consider our client’s safety, the most important priority. Contact us for booking an appointment or any other inquiry. We provide you spacious environment and also let you feel the odorless and fresh environment after service.

We know the importance of working with the hoarder for the hoarding clean up situation. We have adaptive modern ways of cleaning unlike traditional junk cleaner companies which have junk cleanup written all over their vehicles showing your hoarded house condition to advertise themselves to the others, Alpha Crime Scene Cleanup focuses on protecting our customer’s privacy. We preserve our client’s privacy at any cost and help them transform their living condition into a respectful living environment. 

The Hoarding Cleanup Process

The hoarding cleanup process is not as easy as people think of, but also it does not require as much time as you think if it is carried out professionally step by step. Alpha Crime Scene is here to save up your time and cost at once.

  • First, assessment of the hoarded area is done,
  • After the assessment our team makes a note on the things that are to be worked on,
  • Planning is done like which part needs to be sorted out first,
  • We use latest technology and equipment for the safe and efficient removal of clutters,
  • We take for clients consent on which items stays inside or which will be thrown away.



We all have had situations where we felt like our home or space is giving us stress. We want to clean it, make It organized and clean but we can’t do anything about it. We understand your pain. So, you don’t need to feel any hesitation in asking for help that can benefit your wellness. If you are feeling like you need help after all the information we provided, or if your close ones are suffering from the same problem, you can simply contact us and help them for a better life. we are here to help.